Here at Beauty In Wellness we offer the full line of Nefeli products.  Nefeli offers the very best in herbal beauty care and regimen.  All of their products are 100% natural and herbal.  Dr. Ping Zhang, founder of Nefeli, uses the highest quality wild harvested herbs in her products.  Using the ancient methods that have served Oriental Medicine.  Dr. Zhang believes that to produce the best products, you need to use herbs in their natural state, that the energy they receive from growing in the wild makes for the best energies to heal our bodies.

For our custom herbal prescriptions we use KPC granular herbs.  That meet and exceed all FDA requirements for herbal products.

Our Patient Medicines include Golden Flower (Located right here in Albuquerque), Nefeli, and a few others. 

And Finally a new Product that we are very excited about, Asea.  Asea is a new technological breakthrough in Redox signaling technology.  This is one product that makes everything else work better.  If you have never heard of redox signaling technologies, don't be alarmed, as I said it is brand new.  As a user of Asea, I will say that its results, for me, are no less than amazing!